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Specialty Medical / Pharma Bags

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UV Guard® UV Protection Bag

When protection from ultraviolet rays is the diagnosis, pharmacists and healthcare workers put their trust (and their medications) in our amber UV blocker protective bags with the thick, durable white zipper. Manufacturers take comfort in knowing the integrity of their critical light-sensitive products won't be compromised during testing, shipping and storage.

Why do customers prefer Lab Guard® UV Protection pharmaceutical bags?
  • Premium zipper that opens quickly and easily.
  • Film contains UV blocker to prevents bag contents from deterioration.
  • Complies with USP XXII and USP XXIII procedure 66.1 with light transmission not exceeding 10% at any wavelength from 290nm ...
Chemotherapy Bag 12x15"


Secure & Leak Resistant Chemo-Safety Bags

Use for safe transport of chemotherapy drugs. These secondary storage containers are used by doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies to transport specimen containers from the pharmacy to the patient and return of the empty containers to the pharmacy.

Why choose Lab Guard® Chemotherapy bags?
  • Chemotherapy bags have a 4 MIL thickness and are available in three standard sizes, 6"x9",  9"x12" and 12"x15".
  • Bags have a thick, durable black zipper for transporting chemotherapy drugs safely.


UFDD1114 Dressing Disposal Bags

UFDD1114 Dressing Disposal Bags

11" W x 14" H red biohazard dressing disposal bag is packed 50 bags to a dispenser clip. All bags are perforated for easy removal from the clip. These clip packs can be hung in the room or kept neatly in a drawer.

50 bags to a clip - 10 clips to a case (total 500/case)

Directions for use:
1. Remove bag from hang-pack at perforation
2. Place used dressing into bag
3. To close the bag, fold the back flap completely over the opening
Emesis Containment Bag

UFEMB1010 Emesis Containment Bag

10""W x 10""H special construction with 2 outside hand flaps. Our Emesis Containment Bag features our liquid tight safety seal. Slip hands under flaps on each side of the bag to protect against splatter. This extra-wide opening is designed for ease-of-use. After use, pull away strip over adhesive and press to close. The bag is now sealed liquid tight, ready for safe disposal. If contents need to be saved and analyzed, a special score provides easy acces. It is 100% disposable and recyclable. A biohazard logo plus illustrated instructions are printed right on the bag. The bag may also be written on to identify contents. Perfect for same-day surgery, after oncology treatments, for emergency room and at bedside. Used by hospital ...


10"W x 10"H double pocket Used IV Blood Bag Return with liquid- tight closure. Specifically designed for returning used IV bags back to the lab. Will catch blood that drips down the line. Instructions for use and a biohazard logo printed on the outside of the pocket.
UFRSU1216 Patient Set Up Respiratory Bag

UFRSU1216 Patient Set Up Respiratory Bag

12"W x 16"H clear drawstring bag with cotton-style drawstring. Printed with write-on area for patient information. Designed for use in procedural case set-ups, keeping the patient respiratory tubing and masks dust free. These plastic drawstring bags are durable and economical. They can be hung from respirators or at patient's bedside. Patient information can be written directly on bag with ball point pen.
Protex-RayTM Clear Film Disposable X-Ray Cassette Covers

Protex-RayTM Clear Film Disposable X-Ray Cassette Covers

Packaging is 100 per dispenser box
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